Kingsland VictoryPhoto credit: Heather Stilwell

After months of protests, Cambodian garment workers will be paid wages and severance owed to them.

Just two days after 82 workers launched a hunger strike on the sidewalk in front of a Walmart supplier in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, companies that supply to Walmart and H&M agreed to pay workers about $200,000.

“We decided to go on hunger strike to show that we are not workers who can be pushed around,” said 26-year-old Sorn Sothy, one of the leaders who worked in the warehousing department of the factory. “We are strong, committed, and united.”

Your support helped!

International delegations, peaceful protests and more supported the Cambodian workers who have demonstrated major flaws in Walmart's supply chain. You can watch their compelling story here and here.


Since Jan. 3 as many as 200 garment workers have been sleeping on the street in front of the Kingsland factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Workers, who sewed underwear for Walmart and H&M suppliers, were owed $200,000 after the factory shuttered in December leaving workers without jobs, wages nor severance payment. Workers stayed in front of the factory to stop machinery and other assets from being removed before workers are fully paid in accordance with Cambodian law.