WalMarch Dispatch: Day 6

Hundreds of warehouse workers and their supporters marched their final steps through downtown LA after walking 50 miles from the Inland Empire for safe jobs.

Hundreds more community members, clergy, elected officials and the band Las Cafeteras greeted the weary marchers on the West Steps of City Hall and held rally and press conference.

The “WalMarch,” a 50-mile, 6-day pilgrimage of warehouse workers, is drawing national attention on deplorable working conditions inside Southern California warehouses that serve major retailers including Walmart. Workers are asking for basic yet critical improvements on the job: fans to combat the 100 degree heat, functioning equipment, clean water, regular breaks, and an end to inhumane work quotas and retaliation for speaking up about safety conditions.

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Voices From the March

"I believe all workers deserve fair wages and good working conditions. It is so important to bring good jobs into our community. This march is bringing that awareness to our community."
- Valeria Lizarraga (Coalition for Economic Surv)

Lenny"These are workers that, like many people in our society, don't have the rights that many of us in older unionized industries have. That's why I'm out here to support them."
- Lenny Potash (AFSCME Member)

"Occupy LA has been supporting the warehouse workers all year. Walmart represents the globalized economy of the 1 percent. We want to rebuild the economy so everyone can have good jobs, including the warehouse workers. Walmart represents a race to the bottom. Occupy is about justice and we think together people can achieve that."
- Michael Novick (Occupy LA)

"The warehouse workers' action is an inspiration to workers around the world. They're standing up to the biggest private employer in the world."
- Joann Lo (Food Chain Workers Alliance)