WalMarch Dispatch: Day 3

WalMarch Day 3

We started the third day of the WalMarch at St. Martha's Episcopal Church in West Covina. Walmart Associates brought care packages for the marchers and then more Associates greeted us in front of the Walmart store in Baldwin Park. At the store we delivered more than 25,000 signatures in support of warehouse workers to the manager and then continued to El Monte.

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Voices From the March

"The warehouse workers' pain is our pain. Your fight is our fight. We've seen the changes and under-staffing in our stores. We're learning more about what's going on with the warehouse workers. Now, more than ever, is the time for change at Walmart."
- Angie Rodriguez (Walmart Associate, OUR Walmart Member)


"Today, I was marching in solidarity with these courageous workers who are raising issues about their work conditions. These conditions go beyond the Inland Empire. These are global issues throughout Walmart's supply chain."
- Dr. Jose Zapata Calderon (Professor Emeritus)


"I'm here today standing with warehouse and Walmart workers, because I see how Walmart's treatment of workers throughout the supply chain is hurting our middles class in California and throughout the country. People in California deserve better. People across America deserve better. We deserve better."
- Roger Hernandez (Assembly Member)