WalMarch Dispatch: Day 5

Around the nation, striking warehouse workers, Walmart store workers and community members called on Walmart to take responsibility for the poor working conditions in the warehouses that move their goods. Delegations attempted to meet with a number of Walmart representatives, senior executives and board members. The groups also delivered the now nearly 40,000 signatures calling on Walmart to sit down with warehouse workers to discuss their working conditions.

“Walmart claims it holds its contractors and suppliers to the highest standards and expects them to comply with the law, but when we speak out about it, we get retaliated against and Walmart ignores us,” said David Garcia, a striking warehouse worker and father of two, who although has worked for six years at the same warehouse is still only considered a “temporary” worker because of how the industry outsources and operates with temp agencies.

In Silicon Valley, warehouse workers and Walmart retail associates went to Walmart board member Greg Penner’s house. The workers had been ignored after previous requests to meet. “When we spoke out to change terrible working conditions, workers were suspended, demoted and even fired. They spied on us and bullied us, all because we are fighting for dignity,” said Limber Herrera, a warehouse worker for four years in Mira Loma, Calif.

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Voices From the March

"Today I witnessed a Walmart Associate find her voice. She was not someone who has ever done any public speaking but was [inspired by the Warehouse workers]…the empowerment when people find their voice is encouraging and inspiring."
- Simone Mock (UFCW Local 5 Member)

 alt="We’re stronger when all sectors of Walmart [workers] come together. Now all we need are some executives on our side."
- Dominic Ware (Walmart Member)

"Me siento bien motivada. Entre más días van pasando se van uniendo más organizaciones, mas gente de la comunidad que nos esta apoyando y sentimos más fuerza. La gente de la comunidad esta con nosotros porque saben lo que sufrimos en las bodegas. No están apoyando para hacer un cambio para todos los trabajadores, no solo los trabajadores de bodega pero también los campesinos. Yo sé que si vamos a logran un cambio para todos."
- Marta Medina (Warehouse Worker)

"It’s awesome that we’re united even though we’re from different areas. Actions like these make us one."
- David Garcia (Warehouse Worker)