WalMarch Dispatch: Day 2

As WalMarch, the 50-mile, 6-day pilgrimage of warehouse workers, moves closer to Los Angeles and support grows, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals will hold a health clinic in West Covina.

Community organizations, including the United Healthcare Workers, East Valley Community Health Center, and others, will provide screening tests on asthma, glucose levels, BMI, blood pressure and other medical examinations for uninsured workers. Participants will also train warehouse workers on workplace health and safety procedures.

Warehouse workers, who do back-breaking labor in excessive heat, endure job-related injuries but most have no health care.

Want to know more? View the photos from the health clinic here. Read the powerful testimonial of one of the marchers here. Check out recent coverage of the WalMarch in the press.

Voices From the March

"I'm part of this pilgrimage because an injustice to one worker is an injustice to all workers."
- Rosie (SEIU 721 Member)


"I am doing the entire pilgrimage because I want the warehouses workers to know that they have support from the students. We are also oppressed with all the budget cuts to public education and the only way for us to win is to support each other and fight together."
- Cynthia (UCR student, MECHA member, United Students Against Sweatshops Member)


"On this second day of the pilgrimage I am tired, but I am doing this for my mother-in law who is a warehouse worker. She handles a lot of metals and chemicals without any gloves and she's worked so hard that her hands are permanently damaged."
- Jenny (Community Supporter)