Facing cut hours and even termination, warehouse workers who are speaking our for better safer jobs received some much needed support at a food bank sponsored by Assemblymember Norma Torres and the Food for Life Ministry in Chino, California.

"For me this is a blessing to receive this help that we really need right now. Thank you Assemblymember Torres for supporting us and it's great to know there are people like her who are conscious that nutritious food is a basic necessity that our families need since we are being subjected to retaliation at work."

Limber Herrera

"My family is thankful for the services we've been provided with today. I am thankful to everyone who organized this food bank and made it possible."

Andres Rivera

"I would like to thank Assemblywoman Torres and Food for Life and all the other organizations who are helping us."

David Garcia

"I am grateful and thankful. Not a lot of people are willing to help."

David Fancote

"This is a blessing."

Victor Caudillo