Warehouse workeshare_temporyrs have struck twice in the past two months at California Cartage in Los Angeles. Why? Because the company continues to intimidate workers who are organizing to improve their working conditions. The workers have demanded fair wages, consistent work schedule, and safe working conditions. Now, coming up on Black Friday and Christmas, warehouse workers are demanding that Amazon and other retailers take responsibility for the conditions at this warehouse.

The Cal Cartage warehouse is a critical facility for Amazon and other retailers, and as the port swells with the Christmas rush, these workers are raising their voices: they will not be ignored!

These workers are calling on Amazon, Lowe’s, Kmart, Sears and other retailers to improve the standards in their warehouses. They are also demanding that the City of Los Angeles take responsibility for the conditions at the warehouse that sits on its property, and make sure that these workers are provided with the fair wages and treatment that they deserve.

The warehouse workers are in an epic struggle and the IMG_0534labor movement is showing its support: Teamsters General President James Hoffa joined these workers as they walked off the job to declare that he is in support of their struggle.

Please support these workers by signing onto the petition for Amazon to take responsibility for its supply chain, and donating to the WWRC strike and relief fund.