Employees of La Mina De Oro Should Contact the State Labor Commissioner’s Office to Reclaim Wages Owed 

Ontario, Calif.—One hundred and seven warehouse and retail workers won a $1 million settlement against La Mina De Oro Inc. and related businesses for wage theft violations. 

“For a long time I worked in a perfume company in the Inland Empire,” said Erlinda Vital Romo, one of the impacted workers. “I felt powerless that I couldn't do anything and seeing so much abuse, but the day came that I left and I said this cannot continue, I have to speak up. And I did.” 

Vital Romo and other workers from La Mina de Oro came to the Warehouse Worker Resource Center and the WWRC assisted some workers with individual claims and referred the broader wage violations to the California Labor Commissioner’s (LCO) Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE).  

Workers who worked at La Mina de Oro, KD Distributors, or related entities from August 1, 2014 to September 30, 2016, should contact the LCO at 833-LCO-INFO (833-526-4636), as they may be entitled to owed wages and compensation under this settlement agreement. 

The Labor Commissioner’s Office is distributing checks to workers who worked at La Mina de Oro, Inc. or related entities KD Distributors, Inc., and Desire Fragrances Inc. from August 1, 2014 to September 30, 2016. 

The LCO found that workers at La Mina de Oro were not paid for all of the hours that they worked. They were not paid overtime after eight hours in a day but only after 40 hours in a week. Workers also reported having to be ready to serve customers during their rest breaks and meal breaks, could not leave the location where they worked, and received wage statements that did not reflect the required information such as overtime for more than eight hours in a day or late meal-periods.

Citations were issued to La Mina de Oro and related entities on February 24, 2021 and a second citation was issued on May 18, 2021. The citations included failure to pay all contract wages, failure to pay final wages and failure to provide wage statements that complied with the Labor Code. 

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