The memo sheds light on specific details and steps Amazon is taking in an attempt to improve its reputation in the Inland Empire.

Ontario, Calif. -- In response to Amazon’s leaked memo regarding its “Community Engagement Plan 2024 - Southern California,” the WWRC released the following statement from Sheheryar Kaoosji, executive director. 

“Every day the Warehouse Worker Resource Center works directly with Amazon warehouse workers in the Inland Empire. Consistently workers talk about pay too low to afford the cost of living, high rates of injury, medical concerns dismissed by AmCare and dangerous high heat, particularly in the summer. These are critical issues that impact the entire Inland Empire, but specifically the 45,000 people who work for Amazon here. In Amazon’s leaked memo, they detail a strategy to paper over these valid concerns with donations, media clippings and support for policy changes that either benefit Amazon or hurt their competitors. 

“Amazon sees our community as nothing more than warehouses and bodies to staff those warehouses. It’s a paper thin facade and they should invest just as much time into actually addressing working conditions, pay and the extreme environmental cost to Southern California and the people here.”



About the WWRC

The Warehouse Worker Resource Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization founded in 2011 dedicated to improving working conditions in the warehouse industry in Southern California. We focus on education, advocacy and action to change poor working conditions in the largest warehousing hub in the country.