We are saddened to share that longtime warehouse worker leader Manuel “Simba” Reyes passed away from cancer on October 13, 2019. Manuel was a key leader from day one on the historic California Cartage campaign.  California Cartage operated a warehouse, contracting for Amazon, Home Depot and other global retailers on Los Angeles City property that had unjust and unsafe work environments for him and his co-workers. Manuel saw this happening and understood that this was not only wrong but that something could be done to change it.

His determination, resilience, and loyalty to defend his right to a safe and just workplace for himself and his co-workers, quickly became an integral part of their campaign to achieve the treatment and pay that all workers should receive. Whenever an issue arose, he took it upon himself to talk with others in order to resolve it-- his patience and commitment will not be forgotten. After years of strikes, protests, strategy and action, he and his co-workers just this year won good conditions and a voice on this job at this warehouse. We know that the campaign would not have been able to happen without the relationships that Simba helped build. 

His family remembers Manuel as a loving, joyful, and caring person. He was always looking for opportunities to help and talk with others and was able to be a force of support and love for many people. Because of this, he played a vibrant role in the community, often connecting with friends and community members at parades and events in Long Beach. The Warehouse Worker Resource Center has been lucky to struggle alongside Simba. We are grateful for the commitment and passion he had for the campaign and all that came out of it. 

The Warehouse Worker Resource Center is asking for any contributions of money in order to support Manuel’s family during this time. These donations go directly to Manuel’s family, not to WWRC. You can follow the link here.