California Cartage was cited for ten violations, including improper protection of electrical breakers.

As expected, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) has issued serious citations against California Cartage at their warehouse in Wilmington.

On November 18, the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Long Beach District office issued citations against California Cartage for the following violations at their warehouse at 2401 E. Pacific Coast Highway:

  • Serious- Six Live and uncovered electric breakers exposed.
  • Serious- Not providing workers with steel toed boots when working near forklifts.
  • Serious- Unprotected grinder machinery.
  • Serious- Lack of parking brake for industrial truck (forklift).
  • Workers not provided with appropriate respiratory protection.
  • Forklifts were not labeled with their rated capacity.
  • Dead mouse under soda machine in break room.
  • Mobile ladder without locking device.electricaCalifornia Cartage was cited for eight violations, including improper protection of electrical breakers.

Cal/OSHA found lead paint in the Cal Cartage warehouse, which workers claim sometimes falls onto their tables in the lunch area.

The eight citations- four serious, and four general, come with fines summing $21,360.  The citation packet also came with a memo noting that a test of paint from the warehouse came back with lead content, and advising care when dealing with the paint to prevent it becoming airborne.

Workers have raised health and safety concerns directly with management before and after they filed a complaint in July alleging the hazards, but management have refused to take any action to make the 1940s era building safer.
In fact, the company has told the Port of Los Angeles that the problems are minor, and that these conditions are acceptable.  We disagree.  By allowing Cal Cartage to run rampant at a prime, public site, the City of Los Angeles is responsible for the conditions on this site.  In the past year, we have witnessed living wage violations, wage theft, retaliation  and now health and safety citations at California Cartage.  The operation of this lawbreaking company is creating a shameful situation for the port.  What will be next?

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