This week, on City of Los Angeles property, hundreds of workers who have faced wage theft, health and safety violations, are now facing mass retaliation for organizing.   This Friday, April 30, California Cartage is terminating all employees of staffing agency AMR/SSI- including dozens of workers who have actively and publicly spoken up for their rights, demanded better wages and working conditions, and gone on strike.  We don't know who will be hired by the new staffing agency, and some workers who have worked there for years face job loss because they spoke up.

This is unacceptable, and we believe it is illegal.  And you can help.

Please sign our petition telling the Port of Los Angeles that this firing is unjust, and demanding that the City demand Cal Cartage retain all workers who are facing termination at this time.

We only have a few days to ensure that the Port of Los Angeles enforce the law and not allow California Cartage to make illegal terminations on its property!  Thank you for your support!