The WWRC organizes with people across issues of racial, economic, environmental and immigrant justice. We feel the need to make a statement on the events of the last few months. We stand with the people of Palestine.  As an organization serving working class people, we witness the devastating effects of a society that has one set of rules for an oppressed group and another for the group in power. The current war is being driven by the same forces of profit and empire that in the logistics and warehousing industry takes the form of poverty wages, unsafe working conditions, wage theft and discrimination.

The Inland Empire is home to the largest logistics sector in the country. There are goods moving through this region that are directly tied to the genocide happening in Palestine. Amazon in particular works closely with the Israeli Defense Forces and US military, providing technology that is being used in the war against Palestinians. We understand that the same corporations making profits from the community in Southern California are profiting from death in Gaza. 

Large companies come into the Inland Empire region and exploit our people and land. Some of these companies are producing weapons of destruction here in our backyards and selling them to Israel. This is not acceptable. The WWRC supports an immediate ceasefire in Gaza; an end to US military aid to Israel; and dignity, peace and freedom for  Palestinians and for all people in the region.



About the WWRC

The Warehouse Worker Resource Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization founded in 2011 dedicated to improving working conditions in the warehouse industry in Southern California. We focus on education, advocacy and action to change poor working conditions in the largest warehousing hub in the country.