My name is Gregario Ceron.

I have a family and I have been working at California Cartage, a warehouse in Los Angeles, for 7 years as a forklift driver. We move goods such as televisions, tools, clothes, toys and beer for Amazon, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Miller, Sears and Kmart.

After so many years at the warehouse, I earn nearly minimum wage and still work through a temp agency. It’s a workplace where we do not know if we are going to work every day, where we do not receive benefits or sick days. Every month there is a struggle to see if I can pay the rent or have enough food for my family.

Gregorio_Family1Every day I feel the lack of respect when I cannot even call in sick because management will discipline me by not letting me go into work for a few days. We work in the sun and rain without any shade. It doesn’t matter how hard we work; management humiliates, pressures and threatens us that if we do not work more quickly, they will bring others to replace us.

That is why my co-workers and I have united to fight for a better future for our families by doing delegations, petitions, and filing a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in December 2014 in regards to millions of dollars in stolen wages from our paychecks over the last three years.

But we need your help. Please sign our petition to show that you support us and our families in our fight for better conditions at the Port!

Sign the petition today!