A brave group of warehouse workers walked off the job July 24 at a warehouse in Riverside County, California. Many people ask how they can support this courageous group. Here's how:

Marisol EcheverriaBy Marisol Echeverria

I am a single mother of four. Every day my heart aches with worry about my kids and their futures. Today I went on strike to protest retaliation. I did it for my children.

Please consider a donation of $50 or more to support workers while we are on strike.

I work in a warehouse moving Walmart merchandise and I make $8 an hour. In a good week I earn $300. Our rent alone is $800 a month. Going on strike means no paycheck, but your support can help us during this time.

The math doesn't add up. My coworkers and I cannot support our families on these wages, but when we have spoken up about the poverty we face and the dangerous working conditions inside the warehouse, we have been targeted. We've had enough. The warehouse managers follow us around, they have installed cameras to watch us constantly, they told us we cannot talk to each other about safety hazards, they intimidate us and they threatened we could lose our jobs if we continue to organize.

When I get scared, I think of the alternative. A second job means waking before the sun comes up and coming home long after my children are in bed. I can't continue to make this choice every month. No one can.

A donation to our strike fund will help ensure we can send a strong message that Walmart's warehouse contractors can't silence us in our fight to create good, safe jobs.

Walmart must hear our message. I know we can transform warehouse jobs so that they are safe and we make a decent wage, but we need your support.

Thank you.