Food Assistance and Support


Find a food bank near you. 

San Bernardino Food Banks:

  • Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County: A program with various resources including housing and food banks in San Bernardino.  [link] (909) 723-1500
  • Feeding America Riverside/ San Bernardino: Resource to look for distribution centers, and benefit help for food. [link] (951) 359-4757

Riverside Food Banks: 

Find (Food in Need of Distribution): We are the emergency disaster response regional food bank recognized by the state and county as the first line of defense against hunger. [link] 760) 775-3663

  • Los Angeles Regional Food Bank: Includes volunteering events, food banks, and monthly giving.(323) 234-3030 [link
  • Westside Food Bank: Access to free nutritious food through food acquisition and distribution, and by engaging the community and advocating for a strong food assistance network.                       (310) 828-6016 [link

Calfresh (EBT, SNAP):

  • State benefits program that provides food benefits to help people buy food at most grocery stores and farmers markets.People and families with low income can apply for CalFresh any time. 
  • 1-877-847-3663 (1-877-847-FOOD) [link
  • Undocumented: [link

Only Applicable if:

-you have a son or daughter with Citizenship

-has a green card

-Has refugee status, asylum, or parolee status

-Has, or is applying for, a U-Visa or T-Visa

-Is an applicant for VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) relief

-Is a Cuban or Haitian entrant


Not Applicable if:

-They are here on a student, work, or tourist visa

-They are here under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

-They are here under TPS (Temporary Protected Status), unless they meet the other qualifying factors

-They are undocumented


  • WIC is a state benefits program that provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and benefits for healthy foods. WIC can also help with finding health care and  other community services.
  • Serves babies and children up to age 5, pregnant women, and new mothers.
  • Working families and migrant families are welcome to apply.
  • call 1-888-942-9675 or apply online at: [link]